About our observing activities

Volunteers from the Society arrange field meetings at which members can view or photograph astronomical objects using their own telescopes or those belonging to the society or ROG.  These are held at a number of sites in S.E. London and Kent, and also with the 28-inch Great Equatorial refractor in the Royal Observatory.

Upcoming session dates will be listed on our main Events List page.

We use several sites in SE London and Kent, those listed below and also other suitable dark sites.

For our meetings on Blackheath we will be announcing separate dates, on the one hand for stargazing sessions on the Heath, and on the other for social meetings in a local pub.



Blackheath is easy for most members to get to, but does have significant light pollution.  Nevertheless, it is a popular location to observe bright objects like the Moon, planets etc.  For details of our scheduled Blackheath Stargazing events, please click here. Further unscheduled events may take place throughout the year if there are particular astronomical events to view, or based on demand. We meet on Blackheath, in an area just north of Talbot Place.  Click here for directions, and click here for a zoomable map. These sessions are weather-permitting only.

There is no need to book.  Non-members and potential members are most welcome to attend these sessions.  If you do not know anyone in the Society it is advisable to contact us in advance so we can identify ourselves.  Contact us for questions, directions, etc.



We are privileged to have regular use of a well-equipped observatory belonging to one of our members situated on Romney Marsh.  Here we enjoy much darker skies and good seeing conditions, as well as a permanently mounted 14” Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.  Excellent views of nebulae, as well as faint objects such as the outer planets, have been seen over the last few years and the visits to Romney have become the mainstay of our observing activities.  For meetings at Romney we need to know who is coming, so there is a very informal booking system.  It is necessary to confirm your attendance in advance and for directions and car-sharing.


Viewing with the Great Equatorial Telescope at the Royal Observatory Greenwich

We hold sessions with the ROG Great Equatorial Telescope for Flamsteed members only.  Places are limited and advance booking is essential.  Watch the Home Page for details and dates — sessions are usually on some Tuesdays during term-time from November to March.  If we are unable to observe due to weather conditions, we have a briefing about the telescope or go into the Peter Harrison Planetarium for a ‘sky tonight’ review — ‘Go/no-go’ notices are no longer issued.