Flamsteed Radio Astronomy

Following the wettest summer for over 100 years it seemed appropriate that, in the autumn of 2012, Flamsteed should pursue its special interest in radio astronomy. Related events are open to all Flamsteed members, at no extra charge (except possibly for optional outside visits), and over twenty members attend these special events. As part of the Royal Observatory Greenwich we have support and resources unavailable to most observing groups.

We hold meetings regularly in the historic Endeavour Room, which was once the Planetarium and before that a working observatory, and additional meetings at local hostelries with members sharing their knowledge with other members and a wider audience via our website. While learning about this fascinating branch of astronomy, we also hold practical observing sessions which are not reliant on good weather or clear skies.

Some pictures from an early Radio Astronomy Group meeting in the Endeavour Room at the ROG (by Grey Lipley):